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Gems TV Complaint - Poor Customer Service / Business Practices - Jewelry
Gems TV Complaint

Gems TV Complaint


Poor Customer Service / Business Practices - Jewelry

My shopping experience with Gems TV USA started off well but declined very quickly. On the Gems TV broadcast, they continuously promote the "30 Day Money Back Guarantee, return for ANY reason, and their risk free shopping". If you follow this policy and have a high rate of returns, Gems TV will block your account. Gems TV penalizes / punishes the customer. I followed their 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, and did not realize my account was blocked until I called to place an order. This is a shopping network...so I was so surprised that they no longer wanted my business after I spent a few thousand dollars. This is so unfair! I contacted the Gems TV Corporate Office, but was ignored. Talk about the worst shopping experience ever. I am glad I found out how they treat their customers (poorly) and what this company is all about, their bottom line. Gems TV has poor business practices. Why say "risk free shopping" when there are consequences...your account will be blocked for high returns? Why say "return for ANY reason" when they are requesting a valid reason? Why say "30 Day Money Back Guarantee" when you are limited to the number of returns? Why say "they place the customer first" when no one from the Corporate office will respond? Ridiculous! I have taken my business elsewhere where I am valued as a customer.

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Mistreated3 says: (8 years ago)
FYI...there was no letter sent and the disclosures provided were not clear. The only disclosure was on their website (embedded), but when you are shopping by phone, why would you reference the web? The policies may have changed since I was a customer. It would be nice if this company would not so freely advertise that you can order and return anytime, no questions asked. This is misleading to the consumer since there are stipulations that are not readily apparent. And, I am not an impulse shopper, so please do not judge me. The items I ordered were not as expected (different from what was pictured on TV), so I had the option to return under their policy. Items are not always what they seem when purchasing over the phone (not tangible until you receive it). I am not sure why you are so upset by my experience...

hatecomplainers says: (8 years ago)
You have to have a 70% or higher return rate to be blocked and they send you a warning letter prior to blocking you. They also put the information in the Terms and Conditions which they include in EVERY package! Maybe if you paid more attention you would know that they do not mass produce their products so you make other customers loose out on the product because you are an impulse buyer and can't control yourself. You are just upset GemsTv blocked you because your an abusive ex-customer. I feel sorry for the other shopping network your with

gurley54 says: (9 years ago)
I have bought approx. 5 items from Gem TV and have been fortunate enough to have only one occasion to deal with customer service regarding a ruby ring with 40 diamond "chips" around the center stone. I have to say, I must be the only person not ripped off by them. I called, got a RMA #, shipped the item off insured and had to be signed for on their end, which was per their program,and within 3 weeks or less of sending my ruby with then 39 diamond "chips" (one fell out the third time I wore the ring), I got my ring back. Since then, I've worn it 8-9 times and it's still intact. I did leave the second ring's tag on for 1 month to make sure I'd have no further problems. Now, it's been about 5 months and, knock on wood, it still had 40 little diamonds. i will have another source use a diamond tester but I think syth. or lab-created diamonds can trick those meters, I'm not sure. Usually, I'm the one who gets burned but,i have to say, i was treated just as I would have expected.

Lilsmygirl says: (9 years ago)
I wish I had read these reviews before doing business with GemTV. I haven't received my purchase yet but I'm getting nervous. It's for a gift too. Darn

chrissykitty says: (9 years ago)
I too bought a beautiful emerald ring, paid to have it sized, wore it only once-briefly and noticed a stone was missing. Thankfully, I found it and took it to my local jeweler and had it replaced. I asked them to examine the prongs to make sure the rest were safe. The jeweler said the prongs were poorly made, too small and for me to be very careful not to catch the prongs on clothing. Now I am afraid to even wear the ring. POOR QUALITY! I WILL NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE PEOPLE AGAIN AND DO NOT RECOMMEND THEM. THE RING WAS VERY EXPENSIVE AND THIS SHOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED.

Imawesome says: (9 years ago)
If you had read the terms and conditions and warranty you would have known that if the ring is altered by an outsied jeweler your warranty is void. Any refutable jeweler would take responsibility for an item that THEY resized.

gemlover says: (10 years ago)
I am going to report them to my credit card company and dispute a ring I bought from them that was damaged and they won't take it back because they say it was altered! I took the tag off that says do not remove because I intended to keep the ring and wore it once only to see a big crack in the gem in the sunlight. I had plenty of time to send it back with the 30 day return policy and did so only to receive the ring back saying I had altered it. Yes, I cut the tag off to keep it. Who will keep a damaged ring? I won't. They say it wasn't damaged and I even had a gemologist point take a look at it and he also said it was damaged.
So, now I am disupting it with my
cc company. I won't be doing business with them any more. They don't care about their customers or they wouldn't deny that the ring was damaged.

AvoidGemsTV says: (10 years ago)
Purchased an inexpensive ring and withing the warrenty period, the band split as if cut by a laser. My wife only wore this ring a few times. I received my RMA number and returned the ring only to have it returned sating the item was altered. Livid, I called customer service and was informed it did not qualify for repair because of neglect. The was no neglect, it was barely worn. Unlike me, hopefully someone is diligent enough to google for these comments before purchasing the junk sold at GemsTV!

Mistreated says: (10 years ago)
Thank you for reading and responding to my review. And sorry to hear about your negative experience. I had another incident happen (please read when published). This company is ruthless and only cares about sales. Forget the customer service...Gems TV does not deserve our business.

mnhatn says: (10 years ago)
Customer service is absolutely horrible. I sent an e-mail; it was ignored. I called and asked how to return an item and was given the wrong information. When I called to see if the item was received I was told yes, the warehouse sent it to accounting. I told the rep. that I wanted a new ring; she told me that it will be shipped and to call back at the end of the week. I called back, another rep. told me that she sees that the ring is back in the warehouse but does not know why it wasn't shipped and she will call me back. She never called. I called her. She told me she is still waiting for the warehouse. Then she calls me back and has NO RECORDS of receiving the ring. I call back, the woman, Deborah, will not get on the phone. I ask for the supervisor, I am told "I don't know who that is." I told this person either put Deborah or a supervisor on the phone. I am placed on hold for nearly 10 minutes when a "supervisor" gets on the phone and tells me there is nothing noted in my account history and that there is no way for him to research the call history. I am calling Nevada Consumer Affairs tomorrow to see what can be done. By the way, the ring was only $49!!!!!

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