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Gems TV Reviews

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  • put your boots back into your dress!

    They need to sell iteMS without shouting at us on the TV I'm tred of it. The over weight ppresenter always has half her clothing on then starts semi undressing whats that abour? Its a jewelry station I'm tired if being her flabby side book and boots all over table its offensive. Items aren't great mist stores winter accept the jewellerythematosus say its a con I agree you get what you pay for. Someone make the women stop undressing its gross More...
    Kellyuk1234's Picture   Kellyuk1234    1 Comments   Comments
  • GEMS TV Review - Bad bad quality and Customer Service.

    THIS IS THE WAY YOU GET TREATED BY GEMPORIA %u2013 GEMS TV: They sent on successive occasions 5 orders of jewellery which were either not as advertised or faulty. THEY ARE OBVIOUSLY CONCERNED ABOUT MY REPLIES ON FEEFO AND DECIDED TO CONTACT ME. They did not appreciate my comments on stones: 1. Stones advertised with colour and delivered virtually colourless. 2, Stones falling out of jewellery when handled normally and not yet worn. 3. Jewellery sent with a missing stone. 4. Diamonds which were cloudy %u2013 not as advertised. 5. Heavily included stones. 6. Losing a loose ordered gemstone... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • Customer service?what a joke!!!!

    I have been overall pleased with my purchases, and one purchase at around£300 was valued at over £1300. But on having a real complaint about non delivery and speaking to no end of people, I wrote to Steve Bennett, no reply. Spoken to Customer Services until I am blue in the face, " he always answers all his mail", thisis all I get from them all, but still no reply. Happy to take your money but not happy when you criticise his Company. I am no longer a customer and would not suggest anyone else becomes one More...
    musndaz2's Picture   musndaz2    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cheap lesson?

    Re - 2.83ct Rose De France Amethyst Sterling Silver Earrings I am a new customer to Gems TV and although this only cost me £20.00, cheap lesson. Having understood the deal that if I opened the seal on the earrings I cannot return them, I am not asking to return them, but FYI the colour is dull, the sparkle is non existent. I have less impact than something you could get in a Christmas cracker or a cheap store. Disappointed. The positive things are that that for the price the posts and butterflies are fine and the delivery was faster than I was quoted. More...
    (Cable TV)
    Disappointed7's Picture   Disappointed7    0 Comments   Comments
  • Poor Service, Poor Products

    In my person opinion "one off" unique pieces of jewellery are the pieces which are most worthwhile becoming "family heirlooms" and to betreasured. With these one off pieces of precious metal and gemstones you are far more likely to have an item in which you know a million other people have not and which is a piece of real history, a piece of jewellery which has its own story a piece which has been handmade by expert craftsmen with a particular person in mind. This piece of jewellery will hold alot more value. Try the rather popular internet auction website beginning with... More...
    poorgemstv's Picture   poorgemstv    0 Comments   Comments
  • U.K.

    I am appalled by the treatment I have received from the customer service department. So disgusted that I have tried to contact the owner. Mr Steve Bennett. We are urged by presenters to add to our jewellery collection in order to pass down the generations. If only the workmanship was there to do so or if a problem arose they would go out of their way to help and backup the quality. Not the case! I am one of those who wears jewellery on appropriate occasions. I am certainly no Diamond Lil. I have recommended them to friends, family and colleagues, who have all purchased from them. I am... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Chrsinne's Picture   Chrsinne    0 Comments   Comments
  • Jewellery Maker, part of TGGC

    I have shopped with the Jewellery Maker channel, which is part of TGGC for over a year and a half now. Being new to jewellery making, I hadn't a clue what I'd need and how to use it and, frankly, I never thought of myself as remotely creative. Jewellery Maker gave me the confidence to give it a go. I've never looked back, Jewellery Maker is my one stop shop for everything I need and more! The range of tools are incredible, every conceivable finding is available, tutorial DVDs covering an array of techniques and mediums are amazing and as for the stones, well, what can I... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    PompeyPam's Picture   PompeyPam    0 Comments   Comments
  • gems tv

    I had seen some mixed reviews I am a new customer only last month and I have purchased 3 rings and I think They are fab for the money .I don't know why people say they r cheap rubbish cause I was in my local jewellers she loved them she said they were worth the money she said they r real gems u always get people complain about everything it's the same on trip advisor I think they have nothin better to do .I will be buying lots more :-) More...
    43JasonScott's Picture   43JasonScott    0 Comments   Comments
  • satisfied with Gems TV

    I had to go back to look, when I did my first purchase with Gems TV & for me it's unbelievable 3 years! Gems TV didn't get me as a customer through TV as I was skipping all tv-shopping channels, they catch me on internet. Over these time it was not a journey without any bums, but on some level I'm grateful for them, as if it was too rosy-cosy, I would be a bit suspicious... there were few pieces I sent back (few for refund, majority for replacement, but all over less then 8% from all together my purchases over this time) & all was dealing with they customer service... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    huricanna's Picture   huricanna    0 Comments   Comments
  • Gems TV Reviews

    I found Gems a few years ago and haven't looked back! I would never think of buying myself any jewellery from a jewellers, but somehow I have managed to from Gems! I find the programs are really informative and entertaining. Sometimes the presenters seem a bit 'over the top' with their enthusiasm, but I just turn the sound down! If I have had a problem with any of the jewellery and I have, I have always been sent a replacement, or been reimbursed. More...
    (Cable TV)
    lovemygems's Picture   lovemygems    0 Comments   Comments
  • Gems TV - whats not to love!

    There have been several reviews listed where sadly customers have encountered a poor experience. Where i appreciate that this can be upsetting and frustrating the reality is that issues can occur with any retail business. I have been a customer with Gems/Gemporia for just over 2 years now and during this time have found the business ethic and the manor in which it is delivered to be both professional and one to be applauded. The main precept of this company is to bring genuine gem stone jewelry at an affordable price to the wider public.... They are not Boodles or Van Cleef and Arples... More...
    Dward's Picture   Dward    0 Comments   Comments
  • Gems TV are a Gem

    I watched Gems for weeks prior to making a purchase as I could not work out what the catch was. I finally took the plunge and realised there was not one. I am in awe at the quality of the jewellery and forever amazed at the low prices. The customer service staff are second to none for the great service provided. The presenter are sometimes over enthusiastic, but that is their job. They are knowledgeable and draw you into the 'Gems Family'. The jewellery designs cater for all tastes whilst the gems are beautiful. I have found the products are smaller the anticipated on occasion but... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    Dawnspost1's Picture   Dawnspost1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Happy with my purchases

    For the most part, I am absolutely happy with my purchases. I am not a jeweler, nor gemologist, so I don't pretend to know anything about the quality of the gemstones. I just know that I love them. They are pretty and affordable. I have had only two issues in the 2 years that I have been buying from Rocks TV (that is what I watch in the U.S.). I tried 2 times to buy aquamarine. While the rings looked beautiful on TV, when they arrived I could not tell they were aquamarine. They looked like Topaz. There was no color. I know aquamarine is pale, but really there was no blue at all. So I... More...
    gibsonrj's Picture   gibsonrj    0 Comments   Comments
  • Gens TV- largely unpleasant experience

    Firstly I have never seen such pathetic false excitement that the presenters try to convey-all the stumbling over words and 'oh my goodness' squeals that those women do is quite laughable. Anyway for my sins I have been enticed into buying a few times-years ago I bought three beaded necklaces that they used to do on frayed cords. One was apatite beads that looked huge on screen and were tiny in reality and the others, moonstone and garnet. Well unfortunately one of them was delivered whilst I was on holiday and I was out of time to return it when I got back. The 'value'... More...
    (Cable TV)
    caritar's Picture   caritar    0 Comments   Comments
  • Footy spoiler alert

    Um, not real happy that I just heard the score of the Raiders and Warriors game that was announced by the commentators during the Knights and Souths game. I had recorded the Warriors game on fox and planned on watching it after the game played on Gem, but now it's been spoiled cause I heard the score and there was not even a spoiler alert for us who haven't seen the other game yet. Not happy jan. More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    Scottwalton's Picture   Scottwalton    0 Comments   Comments
  • Gems TV sell very expensive poor quality jewellery.

    I have tried buying from Gems TV and as a qualified jeweller know how poor their jewellery is are and how awfully cheap they look. I bought a very expensive ring for a girlfriend's birthday, it was very embarrassing as she couldn't wear it for her party as a diamond had fallen out. I gave two bracelets as presents to my doctor's wife and asked her if she wasn't pleased with them as I hadn't seen them on. She was ashamed to tell me that both had stones which fell out in a very short time. I gave my hairdresser a bracelet which fell apart and I had to take it to a... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Pinks's Picture   Pinks    2 Comments   Comments
  • Refund from GEMPORIA( Rocks) company UK

    I am so upset with this company. Poor, poor quality of jewelry ( I even can not believe that some people could be satisfied with such things) but the worth is their refunds for returns. They have my return for more then month and I do not get usual e-mail that they have it and will refund soon. And it is no way to find any information if you call them( just one phone #!!!) " We know nothing" that is all! I can not believe that such companies can exist on the market. More...
    (Holiday shopping reviews)
    energy's Picture   energy    12 Comments   Comments
  • Gems TV NO REFUND of over £1000 as promised!

    I purchased a pariba tourmaline in white gold in 2006 costing appx £1119. It arrived it was sharp it caught my finger on the shank, I immediately & on the same day took the ring to a reputable jeweller who looked and said it wasn't what I paid for and would I like a valuation to send to the Co.that was agreed and it would cost me appx £25. I agreed. I rang Gems TV immediately after I left the jewellers and spoke to Ben Gems at TV. I told him of my disappointment & I would be returning the ring. I was clearly upset as this was the largest amount I had ever spent on... More...
    kaydburt's Picture   kaydburt    2 Comments   Comments
  • New Rings From Gems TV

    I am female and 27 and always review search sites before buying online. Gems TV seem to have a mix of reviews. Mine is positive. I was a first time buyer and went for 2 rings, both silver rings, one set with peridot and one set with sapphire. I love both. Fantastic for the price I paid for them (£20 and £15 both on clearance). If you're looking for perfect clarity, perfect faceting and perfect shape for £20 then your expectations are ridiculous. I have one £750 sapphire ring I received from a great aunt upon her passing and if I compare that to the £20... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    eeasp's Picture   eeasp    0 Comments   Comments
  • Mark and Steph

    We have bought several pieces from Gems TV and never have we had reason to complain. Always been good quality and value. We recently bought set of rings for a fantastic price as they would have made three great present's. But when Steph saw them she refused to part with them. Also recently bought a 0.33 carat 5stone diamond ring which is stunning. Can't find anything close to it for the price. Our latest purchase a 520 carat Amethyst necklace surprised us not normally something we would buy but bought it for my mother, its her birthstone, turned out very beautiful onscreen... More...
    Marknsteph's Picture   Marknsteph    0 Comments   Comments
  • Disgusting Customer Service

    Disgusted with Gems UK ( recently. There pieces are of very poor quality. Forever returning pieces where stones have fell out or lost there sparkle and lustre. There price promise continually changes to suit them and they are awful at refunding returned items. Change policies without notifying customers and then speak to us like crap! Also, are not bothered about losing custom! No attempt to rectify the situation just get told it is our prerogative if we want to leave! More...
    lisa1974's Picture   lisa1974    44 Comments   Comments
  • TV programming

    I am absolutely fed up with the changes to advertised Gem TV programmes, the latest being the absence of Passport To Pimlico, announced in all media (even the same morning's daily newspapers) as being on at 9.40am, Saturday May 25. The Nine network continues to operate while holding the viewer in total contempt. Where's ACMA when this and other conduct (such as blatant late running of key programmes) is perpetrated week after week? Brian Gridley, Wollstonecraft, NSW 2065 More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
  • Gems TV

    I have been shopping on Gems Tv for about 6 months now and my advice is to consider carefully and buy wisely. It is a fab site to buy low cost gemstone jewellery, eg prasiolite, amethyst, topaz, tourmaline. It is not a good site to buy good quality paraiba, sapphire, ruby or emerald. These stones, at worthwhile quality, cost a packet. I would never consider buying diamonds or pearls from Gems TV - they may be affordable, but the quality is poor. Also, I feel presenters are less than explicit when it comes to treatments - what is the point of raving on about wonderful Mother Nature when... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    OFFS's Picture   OFFS    0 Comments   Comments
  • Pariba Tourmaline not a Pariba from GmsTV

    After purchasing a PARIBA TOURMALINE from Gems TV IN 2006. A experts valuation report said the ring was not as discribed and only worth £500, I pid £1194. It was returned the same day and Gems TV re Simon put £100 in my account for the stress caused & the valaution upon the receipt of the ring For months I requested a full refund, it never came I asked each month for 5 months no return. Life kicked in & I didn't contact again until Jan 2007, still same old same old. So to date although sending Steve Bennett proof & the "helpful" team proof I... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    kaydburt's Picture   kaydburt    3 Comments   Comments
  • excellent customer service

    I have purchased quite a few different items over the past couple of years normally on the net, one being a beautiful glen lehrer torus ring with ametrine the quality was superb and is much admired by many. I have also had a fabulous white gold tanzanite ring of simular quality. On occasions I have sent items back but not because of the quality at all it just has been like another lady said sometimes you need to compare but on these occasions I have had no problem at all. Too many people are quick to complain so I felt I needed to take the time to share my experience and hopefully put... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    sallyanne's Picture   sallyanne    1 Comments   Comments
  • Beautiful ring.... simply stunning!

    I have been buying jewellery from Gems since the end of 2010 and although I send quite a lot back, what I do keep is beautiful, well made jewellery at fantastic prices. What prompted me to write this review is the arrival of the most stunning ring I have ever seen! It has over a carat of natural kyanite in the centre,surrounded by clear topaz and then surrounded by beautiful natural moonstone. I can't stop looking at it! I am so thrilled! Gems tv are fabulous... I'm not in any way surprised they are the most successful private company of 2012. Wonderful. More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    Tillietoes's Picture   Tillietoes    0 Comments   Comments
  • My confidential information was merged with another customers!

    Imagine my shock to find emails addressed to another person on my email account detailing all the expenditure they were racking up on gems tv over the bank holiday weekend. When i rang gems tv they reassured me that none of my personal details had passed over and i insisted that they check and take off any of my information. I was reassured that that was the end of it. Imagine my concern when the person had the good delivered and returned it all to gems for a credit. I contacted my bank and they were very concerned too. The problem is that despite my trying to get to talk to someone at GEMS... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • faulty return

    lapis lazuli pendant damaged comments left on my accaount that item is not damaged...!!?? i fail to see how anyone could miss the bent/buckled was a big pendant! makes me look dishonest and i am not...more care must be applied when checking items for shipping (it was damaged b4 it left the dept.)and when faulty items are returned...i had a returns number please gems tv...look at your staff training! and please remove your comments that are on my account i am hurt by them More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • faulty return

    hi there, i had to send a pendant back to gemstv it was bent and buckled around its base and very noticeable! they refused my return postage because the checker has said the item is not damaged!!!??? i fail to understand how anyone could miss this damage and im upset as comments about it?me have been left on my account making me look a liar i dont care about the p&p i want them to remove these writing to the chief exsecutive about this as i have 2 other itens that must be returned a ladies ring that is a gents size?! and a bracelette with a pearl missing...shame as love... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    getvems's Picture   getvems    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ring

    I have just bought and received a 14ct ring from Gems TV and to be honest I cannot fault the quality of the ring or their service. I was able to track my delivery on line and the whole process has only been a good experience for me. It is a shame when most people only write a review when they are disappointed rather than pleased with a service. Personally, I would recommend them and I will certainly buy from them again. More...
    Fifipepper's Picture   Fifipepper    0 Comments   Comments
  • Pleasant

    I have shopped GemsTV for 3 years and have numerous pieces of their jewelry. I find their jewelry is of incredible quality. I have also found over the years that their customer service is some of the best in the business and I can tell you I have dealt with a lot of customer services over the years. I am sure with all businesses out there, someone, somewhere will have a complaint but after 3 years dealing with GemsTV, they are top notch. Sadly, they will no longer exist. And the other jewelry shopping channels pale in comparison. More...
    SherriS's Picture   SherriS    0 Comments   Comments
  • seller

    I was told by a friend about Gems TV. I was watching on 04/01/2010 at about 1:30pm and whoever the women is selling the jewelry seriously needs to get a grip! I felt like I was in high school being scolded by the Principal! Over and Over and Over!!! Okay, enough. We know you should only bid if you want it and we know it may take from other people if we change our minds but really how many do you sell compared to the returns? As with any business you have a few bad eggs but come on, stop scolding. I turned to the channel because my friend told me it was "addictive" because... More...
    rn1967's Picture   rn1967    6 Comments   Comments
  • Awesome

    I have ordered from Gemstv twice now and have been completely happy with them. In my last purchase, one of the earrings was missing a stone. I was scared after reading some complaints about the return policy. I sent them back and received an email a few days later stating they were going to send a new pair. I received them yesterday and I am very happy with them. I love everything that I have ever purchased. Please don't be scared of some reviews that are posted here. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    jcro's Picture   jcro    0 Comments   Comments
  • Only 1 complaint

    I have purchased rings, earrings, chains, and a brooch and I have only had 1 complaint. It was a pair of earrings that were supposed to be white topaz drop earrings. When the earrings arrived they looked like they needed a thorough cleaning! There was a pasty-looking film on top of all the stones making them look like they were fake. I took the cleaning cloth that came with my order and that didn't help so I used a toothbrush and that helped some. After all of my efforts, my 30 days were up so I had to keep them but I have sent other items back, not so much because of buyers... More...
    ks1003's Picture   ks1003    0 Comments   Comments

Gems TV Reviews By Product


Gems TV Comments

Irene2 says: (3 years ago)
I have just received my latest purchase from Gems which is a Chartreuse Sanidine ring and a pair of matching earrings, they are absolutely beautiful! I have been shopping with Gemporia for just coming up to a year now and have made many, many purchases. I am so happy with the Company, I always keep an eye out for what is coming on and frequently watch Gems TV all day as it is not just entertaining, but educational too. I have learnt so much about gems that I didn't know and my interest in them runs along my other favourite interest of geography and geology.
Congratulations Gems, have a terrific 10th Birthday! I can highly recommend them to everyone who is still a little unsure of buying from them, I took the step, never looked back.....why don't you try too, you won't be sorry!!

RunRabitRun1 says: (8 years ago)
I have been buying items from GEM TV for years and find their jewellery usual and of good quality. Not only are Gems TV jewellery designs fanatic, I have learnt a lot about gem stones since buying from this company and feel able to talk about gem stones with any Bond Street Jeweller.

martinifrog says: (8 years ago)
I love Gems TV and am so sad its gone. Ive purchased beautiful rubelite, tanzanite, opals, diamonds, gold chains, etc... I was in Tiffany's and received a compliment on my 3 carat tanzanite ring (which was larger and much less expensive than any they had), from one of the salesmen! I'm going to really miss Gems TV....

jonsmittyjonas says: (8 years ago)
These people filed Ch 11 Bk in Delaware District Court 4/6/10. $500 million in debt. $50 million in assets. WTF? How pathetic of them not to see it coming since they were underselling jewelry constantly. How can you make a profit? You can't. Then they blame market conditions. Please. This isn't dot com burst, ya know, even if you are acting like dot bomb. The economy started tanking back in 2005. Get a clue, GemsTV.

leeanni says: (8 years ago)
Thanks for the memories.

daveybender says: (8 years ago)
I have been purchasing items from Gems TV since last summer. I did some research and realized that they were selling a lot of items that I could not find elsewhere for great prices-Paraiba Tourmaline, Indicolite, Zultanite, Burmese Ruby, Alexandrite, Demantoid Garnet. While I had one experience where I received the incorrect item, they corrected the problem and sent me the correct item. I have always been happy with their jewelry. Everything I have received is better than as seen on TV. I have purchased a number of items that have come with appraisals. I have been very pleased with the difference between the purchase price and the appraisal price. They tried to educate the public as much as possible and did that more so than any other home shopping show. I will miss them and am glad that I was able to secure many quality items before they close.

pene5 says: (8 years ago)
I am having a problem with some of your people.
Day before yesterday I ordered several pieces of jewelry.One of your operator said my credit card was not accepting my charges.I asked her to pleas check again, she said it already said no. I called back 3 times more and was told they dropped everything I ordered. I was up watching your show until 5:00 in the morning ordering. Yesterday I called my visa yesterday and was told I have no balance,(which I already knew) so there was no reason for your people not to get it through. Now I have lost everything that I stayed up ordering. I do not think that this is fair, or good business. I have been very happy with all of the things I have ordered in the last few weeks, and would like to continue to order, but now I am not sure if anything will go through.
would you please check into this.
Thank You, Patricia A Ratto

jewels4u says: (8 years ago)
Gems tv is closing in the usa. When is gems tv going to let everyone know they are closing?I love their jewelry but if you purchase from them will they honor their return policy?You can read about the closing on

grusu123 says: (8 years ago)
My name is Gale Rusu. I have 5 pieces of jewelry from you and loved them all but one. I accidentaly pulled the tag off one item and now you BLOCKED me, and I can't buy anything else. I really love your jewelry and would like to continue to buy your things. Is this a permanent thing or will I be able to buy your jewelry again?
Please let me know. And if it's not permanent, please let me know when I can start buying again.
Sorry for the mis-communication about the TAGS. It will never happen again, if I'm able to BUY your jewelry again.
Sincerely, Gale Rusu

froggie says: (8 years ago)
my wife always buys from gems TV. Everything she has received has been nice. Anytime there had to be a return, it went well. No issues here

Shelly9 says: (8 years ago)
This is the second ring I will be returning to gemstv that I paid over $500.00 The lastest ring had an appraisal for $2,700.00 SO I THOUGHT I WAS SAFE ordering it!!!! WRONG!!!!!!!!! I WAS SOOOO Disappointed I could cry!!!!!!!!!!! It was going to be my going away present from my boyfriend...I have to leave on Monday and be gone for a month to help take care of my mom (my dad just past away in July) I thought this was going to be a Great ring to wear while away from my honey to remind me of our Love. Instead now I'm sitting here CRYING about the ring and about having to fly away Monday for a whole month and NO ring to have to take with me !!!!!!!!!! SHAME on GEMSTV!

GRANDMAJO says: (8 years ago)

aiaiaiaiai says: (8 years ago)
my mom ordered several items from gems tv and they said it would come in 2 days but it's been 5 nd yet still nothing

Tennwoman says: (8 years ago)
I just received my first purchase from Aquamarine ring which I bought because my mother recently died and that is her birthstone. March is Aquamarine -but the gem I received is a dark purple! Its is NOT an AQUAMARINE, which is light blue! I've searched ALL of my documents in the package from GemsTV and I have everything-- BUT they DID NOT send me a Certificate of Authenticity!! They claim a "Generous returns policy" BUT- you HAVE to return that Certificate to return an item. It is NOT the ring I wanted in my mother's memory. They dont answer their phone. They just keep saying- "Call back later." I cant reach them by their web site. NOW What do I do????

werecat says: (8 years ago)
I have made 3 purchases through gems tv and recieved 2 with the 3rd due to arrive probably today. I have been pleased with the appearance and value thus far. Much like with jtv i read reviews after the purchases and the mixed nature gives me pause. I have been lucky as none of the buys were poor. I too wish gems tv had a way to make more thoughtful purchases with a catalogue. I dont like to purchase via the web and would like to get item # and phone an order in. For the unhappy customers do what I do only make purchases that you feel you can afford to lose much like gambling.Make your first purchase an inexpensive item,if you are pleased a more expensive purchase should be satisfactory. Getting appraisals is an option but remember a jewler might under value a piece since they want your business and also the mark up on jewlery is massive.

flordelsol says: (9 years ago)
I would like to know, if any of the ladies that host the show looks at their nails, If they are going to have their hands seen on the TV than I will advise to get their nails more often, and to Miss Brook, please stop using those ugly stick-on nails, or let a professional stick them on.

sfgemlover says: (9 years ago)
I started watching GemsTv in 2007. I thought the network was interesting and something different from Jewelry TV. After noticing a few try-out hosts from JTV i got a little bit disgusted. First of all, the hosts from JTV have such a terrible southern accent that normal people can't understand them, (think talking with marbles in your mouth!!). Then they think about bringinTim Temple in!! I really bothered me. He looks so plastic and non-emotional. Please boot him out!!! Other than that, I love ordering and watching all the other hosts.

helenofjewerly says: (9 years ago)
I just walked in from work and you had some dementiod garnet earrings! I loved them and want them is there any way to get on list or could you show them again? I love your show please please please help me Thank Y ou for your time and i fully understand if i have lost out Thanks Jerry it was on Jims show Keep up the good work. Hopeing and praying that i can get them... ALoyal Customer.. Helen

Dickydoo says: (9 years ago)
I "found" it interesting that an item priced at $8000 very often will sell in the $600 range. About 13% Very common. Yet, most items in the $600 to $700 range sell in the $150 area. That's about 25%. "Why" the big difference? Anyone?

poodlemamax2 says: (9 years ago)
I have purchased several items from GemsTV. and never had any trouble with getting a refund. GemsTV has a very generous return policy. As far as quality, I've seen jewelry, in department stores and big name jewelry stores, offering poor quality gems or lab created stones, set in 10K gold priced much higher than GemsTV. Like anything else, shop around and become an educated buyer

saltydog says: (9 years ago)
If there are absolutely no middle men, why are the prices average? Also, they claim exclusivity in some gem suppliers, such as zultanite. However, I have found several other so-called wholesale suppliers. Instinctively I feel they are not entirely legitimate, and what recourse does the public have with a fareastern based company?

ECONOMICAL says: (9 years ago)

Beets says: (10 years ago)
I think Gems TV should have a cat-
alog for people like myself who don't have credit cards,so we can
order and pay by money order.

Kohlie says: (10 years ago)
I just purchased a blue diamond 18K white gold ring and I love it! So much so that I brought a few more rings over the weekend. My diamond was beautiful, the gold stunning.

But after reading these reviews I am just a tad bit nervous.

They seem to have a lot of fun on the show, but the people who answers the phone could use some customer service training.

FSU2006 says: (10 years ago)
While I do shop a little bit at Gems TV, I want to post a BUYER BEWARE regarding their web games: The prices on the webgames are a bit higher than if you do a search through their online catalog (marked "Sales" on their site). I just got stung for a $7 price difference because I forgot to do my homework after I added an item from the webgames to my cart. I double checked this discovery on a different item -- it was $1 less in the catalog than in the webgame. So, the differences don't seem to be too great and may not matter a whole lot to some people, but $7 could just about pay for the shipping of the item.

Sparklies says: (10 years ago)
I have purchased more jewelry than U should have from GemsTV but after I had some of my first over $100 purchases appraised by an independant appraiser. Most things appraised 2 times higher and above. On one piece the appraiser even was surprised by the quality of the piece and asked where I had gotten it. As for returns I have never had an issue - they tell you not to remove the tag. I try wearing the rings wiht the tag tucked under the band to see if I like it enough to keep it. As for the policy I can understand it - how will they know it you are returning something they actually sold you. I even had a gem missing from a bracelet that I knew I was keeping and had it fixed and returned with no problems. Considering the jewelry I have purchased at stores and on trips around the world - I think the quality is good for the price.

Chrisisme says: (10 years ago)
I have also had problems with GemsTV. But I was taken care of pretty quickly by Janet in their Customer Service Department. I did have my gem appraised and it was worth more than I paid. Just don't forget not to remove that stupid tag on the ring you bought or you cannot return it. And yes it does state very clearly in the paperwork not to remove it. I was just so excited to get my ring that I tore it right off. My fault but I still feel it is a stupid policy.

curious says: (10 years ago)
I haven't seen any comments about the quality of their gems. Has anyone had any of their purchases appraised? If so, are the items as represented on the show?

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